There are no traffic jams on the extra mile.

About Me


Closed over 131.422 Euro in sales by myself in my own guitar school

I am a self starter:

In March 2022 I published my app to track your crypto portfolio without logging in anywhere.

Simply type in how much of which coin you have and see the current value of your holdings.

I started this as a little learning project for myself when looking into Mobile App Development.

Ended up deciding, it’s better to pay a developer for that project

(No, that’s not my real portfolio)

Bachelor Degree in Medical Engineering

– Bronze and Silver Finnish Championship Medals in Race Kayaking

– Know how to Eskimo roll a kayak

– Stepped into the ring 3x as a muay thai fighter

Wrote and published my own song to all relevant streaming platforms out there (even on CD available)


Typing with 76 words per minute

(Average is 36 wpm, people talk with about 110-150 WPM source)




Phone scripting

Direct Response Marketing

Lead generation and Lead magnets

Online shop systems Woocommerce and Shopify


Built over 10 websites by myself.

Here is a selection:

Quick Facts about me

Plays guitar quite decent. Even running my own guitar school KitaristiFi in Tampere, Finland

Loves food from Georgia (Country)

I am also very passionate about kayak racing, especially marathons (only in summer though 😉 )