There are no traffic jams on the extra mile.

You know what really pisses me off?

Imagine you are working with a big website consultant agency.

You want to get your website set up, you have no idea what to do, so you find a nice looking, big and successful agency to handle that for you.

You make an inquiry.

You wait.

1 day… 2 days… Nothing.

THREE DAYS LATER finally (if you are lucky) someone gets in touch with you, gathers some information,…

… you provide everything they ask for…


and finally after TWO WEEKS someone from the agency GETS STARTED with your case.

(By that time I’ll already be done)

How much sales do you make in 2 weeks? That is FOUR PERCENT of the entire year.

It gets even worse.

Your guy who handles your case might take another TWO WEEKS to finally publish your website.

You waited A WHOLE MONTH until you finally have a finished product.

Now you PAID the agency (2.000,- €) AND 4 weeks later your website is online and YOU missed out on more profits during that whole period.

If you are anything like me, you prefer when things get done QUICKLY so they can start working for you as soon as possible.

That is why I will personally handle all your business affairs and you can reach out to me anytime.

Not like some big agency where changes take forever until they are finalized.

I don’t know about you, but I personally HATE waiting like mosquitos hate winter.

That is why, as a typical German, I act FAST and EFFICIENT, so that YOU can lean back and relax or work on more important areas in your business.

  • Website set up and individual design
  • Maintenance and fixing problems (they WILL occur sooner or later, that’s just a fact of life, and you want someone on your side who can fix them and PUT OUT FIRES QUICKLY so that you minimize risk of losing business) most of the time WITHIN the next hour. I have my Laptop with me at all times. Why? Because I simply LIKE it. I like to nerd out over the nitty gritty details of your project and its functionality 🙂
  • Set things up with TWO levels of users in mind: 1) YOU as the host, so that you can easily add and remove products from behind the curtain; 2) YOUR CLIENT, so that they can navigate and access your website easily and ENJOY their experience which will attract more people into your door.

I stand fully behind YOU, that is why I choose who I work with carefully and limit the number of people I work with, so that I can make sure to deliver what you expect of me (and more).

Yes yes, I get you. Starting a new business is never easy.

Everyone wants money from you and you got bills to pay and you are carrying all the risk in hopes of becoming profitable some day.

I was in the same shoes some years ago. Registered my company and got DOZENS of phone calls from random people every day trying to pitch their services, always asking me for money.

What are they thinking?? You start a business and suddenly you’re rich??

Only ONE company stood out, that was one that sells custom made pens.

They sent me a FREE pen upfront, with my contact details and company name on it.

I was so impressed that now I order all my pens from there 🙂

They are a prime example of playing the long game.

And last I checked, they’re doing pretty well.

If you’re anything like me and you want to launch a hundred ideas, you need someone who is not just taking your money, delivers his service and says „K thx bye!“

But someone who is actively in your corner.

I want to see you win!

Because every time you do, it will be good for me, too.

That is why I offer you two types of deals:

1. You pay upfront, standard procedure everywhere.

2. You pay me a sales commission once you get customers, for an agreed amount of time or revenue. That way you don’t have to stress about paying too much upfront and without even knowing if your idea works out AND you got me in your corner helping you grow every step along the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions and important to know when you and I start working together:


Question: How much does it cost you to work with me?

A lot.

How much does it cost you NOT to work with me?


Your website is your OWN, personal space and the first point of contact for your customer.

That is where the customer sees you how YOU present yourself.

Instead of a generic profile on some random page where you don’t leave a lasting impression by default.

If you are not ready to invest a reassuringly expensive price in the 4 figure range to grow your business, you have other things to work out first.

Just build your business, work on a consistent cash flow and then speak to me again and we take your business to the next level together.

Click the button below to check in and see if I still have capacity so we can figure out if we want to work together: